Does Keyshia Cole Have A New Man?


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R&B singer Keyshia Cole seems to have a new man. The 42-year-old is rumored to be dating a rapper named Hunxho, 24. Rumors started to swirl after the two were spotted holding hands at Opium Nightclub in Atlanta on Sunday, April 7.

To be clear, Cole and the rapper weren’t seen doing anything but holding hands, however, that was enough to get the internet speculating. Some fans gushed over how handsome the rapper is while others questioned why the singer has a pattern of dating younger men. Cole’s former partner and the father of her youngest child, Niko Khale, also happened to be in his early twenties when they began dating. The relationship, which started in 2017, ended with a quiet breakup in 2020. Cole and Khale welcomed a son named Tobias, who was born in 2019, during their relationship.

Prior to dating Khale, the singer and TV personality was married to former NBA player Daniel Gibson for several years. They married in 2011, had a son together, Daniel Gibson Jr., but eventually divorced in 2017. Infidelity was one of the reasons for the split she told PEOPLE during an interview. She also said she stayed so long because of the child they share.

“That was a lot of the reason why I didn’t get a divorce through all the cheating,” she said. “Because it was like, I just want to do it for my kid, you know what I’m saying? Like, ‘Can he have two parents in the same home?’”

Cole was courageous enough to choose her peace and happiness, and her focus is now on healthy co-parenting.

“Regardless if my kids don’t have both parents I’m trying to create that safe space of co-parenting. That’s really what it’s all about,” the singer said in her biopic on Lifetime called Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story.

If Cole and Hunxho are an item, we hope our sis is loved the right way this time around. If they’re just enjoying each other’s company for now, we hope she has fun!


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