Did You Know About This Emotional Intelligence Academy Specifically For HBCU Students?


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A 2023 Wall Street Journal report found that Deloitte and PwC are among many other major firms that are offering specialized socialization classes for their young adult workers. The programs focus on soft skills like teamwork, public speaking, presentations and face-to-face communication.

Not every student has access to these beneficial programs, but one initiative is aiming to ensure that young Black adults are equipped for all aspects of the workplace, especially the important emotional intelligence aspect.

Executive coaching and business consulting company, the Lenserf Group launched its “Exceed Your Potential Academy,” an 8-week virtual course in emotional intelligence, accountability, and growth mindset for 20 student interns from six Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The employer-sponsored program was created to give students the assurance that they are prepared to traverse through the challenges of crossing into adulthood while balancing evolving relationships of all kinds. Topics include time management, building confidence, setting priorities, and overcoming procrastination.

“Feedback from employees who have completed our programs highlights significant improvements in managing conflict and stress. This heightened awareness not only enhances their quality of work and consistency but also fosters greater engagement,” says Farnia Fresnel, President of The Lenserf Group. “Introducing these students to such training at this juncture is exceptionally beneficial.”

As ESSENCE previously pointed out, unlike older generations, shelter-in-place mandates forced a large portion of Gen Z to graduate from college, intern, and start their careers while fully remote. This has caused a huge chasm in experiencing cultural workplace milestones, and a slight delay in young professionals learning social norms and even some key soft skills.


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