Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2024 Review


Major fashion brands have insisted the fashion pack travel to numerous different countries across the globe for their Pre-Fall 2024 presentations. Balenciaga staged its latest fashion showcase extravaganza on location in Los Angeles and Chanel traveled to Manchester. Maria Grazia Chiuri, however, is remaining in Paris with the unveiling of Christian Dior’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection. Grazia took inspiration from Marlene Dietrich, who was a Christian Dior client and was famously quoted as saying “No Dior, no Dietrich” when Alfred Hitchcock selected the German actress for the role in the 1950’s film Stage Fright. As a result, the collection oozes a boyish charm with the silhouettes taking major influence from the 19th century. Dior’s first female creative director also took inspo from New York City and Monsieur Dior’s take on serving the American market in the late 1940s.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Very late-stage John Galliano.” [GoldenPetals]

“MGC needs to get more into her Galliano bag. her clothes are only interesting when she does. Oherwise it’s just chic and boring.” [gallianostan]

“115 looks just to let us know how good the whole film set is.” [jeanclaude]

“Heels are nice, some of the pants are great too, but overall it’s giving 1930s depression era socialite lesbian.” [disco54]

“That would be decent costume designs for a period WWII drama movie, so the complete antithesis of Christian Dior designs…” [yslforever]

“One of the most bland and boring collections I’ve seen in a long time. And basically it doesn’t even look French so it doesn’t look Dior. Really unappealing and quite depressing too.” [Abracai]

See all the looks from the Christian Dior Pre-Fall 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.


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