Chaka Khan On Creating Her “Life’s Scent” With HSN


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Chaka Khan’s unmistakable voice is one that will instantly make you want to get on your feet. Whether it’s on “I’m Every Woman” or “Ain’t Nobody,” the Chicago-native has been blessing us with her buttery-smooth vocals since the 1970s. As if that weren’t enough, she’s always been one to serve up aspirational hair and makeup looks, too. This includes everything from big, auburn curls and perfectly coiffed afros, to fuchsia lipsticks. 

When it comes to beauty, Khan tells us, at Quad Recording Studios, “I’ve always been a fragrance freak, too.” Which is why it makes sense for her to be launching her own perfume, Chaka by Chaka Khan, with fragrance house, HSN today. “I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner,” she adds. “I’ve been making body sprays and fragrances for people for years.”

The fragrance consists of a blend of oils that Khan has been loving throughout her life, such as patchouli and lemongrass. “I’m a fan of mens’ colognes so I was most inspired by those fragrances and earthy tones. I’m not a fan of floral scents,” she says. “Now, whenever I wear it, people always stop and ask me what I have on. They tell me they have to have some. It’s definitely reflective of me – it’s my life’s scent.” 

In a charismatic, Chaka Khan-esque fashion, the packaging consists of a golden microphone that is fitting as it represents the crooner’s legacy. “The idea for the packaging came naturally,” she says. 

In addition to spritzing and making fragrances to fill her spirits, Khan says “sleep is my best friend. That’s when your body gets to heal itself.” She also swears by eastern medicinal herbs, specifically dragon herbs. “It’s tried, true, and proven to work,” she adds.  

In this new venture, Khan hopes to continue making fragrances. Specifically, “something for young girls,” she says. “I also want to make something really healthy for getting good sleep.” 

Regardless of which paths she goes down, she’ll ensure to follow her intuition no matter what. “I always trust my gut,” Khan says – and it clearly hasn’t steered her wrong yet. “When I start overthinking things, that’s usually when I mess it up.”

Chaka Khan On Creating Her “Life’s Scent” With HSN
Photo: Courtesy of HSN.


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