CELLSTORY: Non-Invasive, Needle-Free Liquid Microneedling


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CELLSTORY, a non-invasive, needle-free liquid microneedling treatment, is a new skin care procedure and solution to your skin concerns. The facial is popular in Korean skin care and developed from traditional microneedling and mesotherapy procedures, but without the numbing or blood, and with minimal downtime. 

The treatment contains a unique patented Microspear® technology, which contains 50,000 liquid microneedles derived from freshwater-grown sponges. The signature ingredient uses microscopic liquid microneedles to improve the skin’s appearance. 

Microspear® microneedles go through a 13-step purification process and are administered deep into the skin. Coated with potent growth factors, plant stem cells, amino acids, and botanical calming extracts, they quickly brighten skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and result in more even-looking skin.

The skin care treatment helps eliminate dead skin cells with clinically proven benefits, including reduced wrinkles (particularly on the forehead), reduced pigmentation and active acne, and smaller pores. After 72 hours, the skin naturally exfoliates the microneedles as it quickly regenerates collagen and skin cells to restore glossiness and vitality.

CELLSTORY: Non-Invasive, Needle-Free Liquid Microneedling

CELLSTORY contains eight steps: Plus Cleanser, Plus Fluid, Plus Awake Essence, Plus Activator Ampoule, Plus Plant Meso-Care, Plus Ultra Gel, Plus Calming Mask, and Plus Recovery Cream. Let’s break down each step as you learn more about the benefits of the Korean treatment on your skin.

Step 1: Plus Cleanser

First, the Plus Cleanser is applied to the skin. The irritation-tested first step is a mild-acid soft cleanser rich in nourishing, soothing, moisturizing ingredients. From Panthenol (Vitamin B5) to mild cleansing ingredients, the Plus Cleanser is the foundation of the treatment. 

CELLSTORY: Non-Invasive, Needle-Free Liquid Microneedling

Step 2: Plus Fluid

The second step is a light, fluid-type product to relieve the skin of stress. Also considered a toner, the formula helps to add immediate moisture and nourishment to the skin. 

Ingredients like Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and an amino acid complex help the skin to feel soothed, moisturized, and enhance the skin’s barrier. The Plus Fluid step is known to have brightening and wrinkle improvement functions. 

Step 3: Plus Awake Essence

Next, the Plus Essence preps the skin for the remainder of the treatment. The formula awakens the vitality of the skin, hence the name, with brightening and wrinkle improvement. Ingredients in the Essence warm up the skin gradually to assist in the absorption of nutrients in step three. 

CELLSTORY: Non-Invasive, Needle-Free Liquid Microneedling

Step 4: Plus Activator Ampoule

Then, the Cell Activator is applied to the skin. The ampoule, a glass capsule used for injecting, contains highly nourishing ingredients for step four. As a highly important step, the Cell Activator helps the next step be less painful.

Step 5: Plus Plant Meso-Care

The fifth step is the most important step. An ampoule containing Microspear® in a soft cream stimulates the skin with a fine texture, which feels like micro-shards on the skin. Although a stimulating step, the pain is temporary and lasts only a few minutes. 

The formula is used to wake up the energy in the skin and provide essential nutrients as the Microspear® technology is massaged into the face and neck. 

CELLSTORY: Non-Invasive, Needle-Free Liquid Microneedling

Step 6: Plus Ultra Gel

Following the hot, stimulating Microspear® step, the Plus Gel Ultra Gel is a step of immediate relief. The cooling gel is applied to help soothe redness, and temporarily irritated skin after the micro-spear treatment. Other cooling tools can be used with the Ultra Gel to help the skin cool down in step six.

Step 7: Plus Calming Mask

After that, the Calming Mask is applied. The pure cotton mask is used to hold moisture which may have evaporated in the previous step. With ingredients like Hydrolyzed Jojoba Ester, a moisture retention ingredient, the calming mask will help your skin feel hydrated after all of the other steps. 

CELLSTORY: Non-Invasive, Needle-Free Liquid Microneedling

Step 8: Plus Recovery Cream

Congratulations! You’ve completed CELLSTORY. 

The final step, step eight, is applied for your skin to recover from the treatment. A nutrient-rich cream, the thick formula is used to replenish your skin and strengthen the skin barrier. You should see results in 2-3 days after you completed the treatment with an overall improved skin appearance. 

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