Celebrity Look Of NYFW Spring Summer ’24 Day 6: Dascha Polanco


On the sixth day of New York Fashion Week, the fashion scene was electrified with an array of show-stopping looks and an abundance of impeccable street style that left onlookers in awe. Amidst the sea of creative ensembles and avant-garde fashion statements, one standout appearance that garnered significant attention was that of Dascha Polanco. She effortlessly commanded the spotlight as she made her way to the Willy Chavarria show on Wednesday.

She donned a striking ensemble designed by Chavarria, showcasing her impeccable taste. The ‘fit consisted of a black and red top and matching pants, both meticulously crafted to reflect Willy Chavarria’s design aesthetic.

Celebrity Look Of NYFW SS’24 Day 6: Dascha Polanco

The black and red color combination not only exuded sophistication but also hinted at a bold and daring fashion sensibility. The top and pants, carefully tailored to fit Dascha’s silhouette, accentuated her figure, creating a look that was simultaneously chic and powerful. The choice of colors spoke volumes about her confidence and willingness to push the boundaries of fashion.

The bottoms offered a perfect blend of style and functionality, featuring a front-facing design with well-fitting trousers and an elongated cape at the back. The pants also featured a delicate rose detail along the side. As for accessories, Dascha Polanco opted for an elegant yet minimalistic approach, adorning her left arm with a wristwatch and gracing her ears with a pair of understated gold hoops. These choices complemented her impeccably styled hair, which was pulled back into a bun, with the exception of a small swirl that laid perfectly on her forehead.


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