Bronzer Placement: Mastering the Sun-kissed Glow


Winter challenges our glow, affecting our overall appearance. Despite trying glow-packs or makeup, cold weather steals sunshine from our faces. Correct Bronzer placement can fix this! When applied right, they make your face radiate like summer.

Nail Bronzer placement for that coveted tanned look and flaunt it at your Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Wondering how? You’re in the right place. Whether new to makeup or aiming for a sun-kissed no-makeup look with an oval or round face, this guide is your key to mastering the Bronzer game for a bronzed beauty vibe all season long.

Bronzer for Beginners: The ABCs of Bronzing


What is a Bronzer?

Bronzer, a makeup product, brings a tan to specific face and body areas. As the name hints, it gives a bronzy tone for a sun-kissed look. Beginners often mix up bronzer and contour, but grasping their differences guides you to the proper placement.

Contour vs. Bronzer Placement

Contour products are used to create shadows, giving your face a sculpted look. They are generally applied to the low points of your face, like the jawline or the side of your nose, to accentuate the high points.

Bronzer placement is focused on achieving a tanned appearance. Therefore, it is applied to areas where the sun would naturally fall on your face, such as the cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and even your collarbones. Understanding your goal with these two products is crucial before planning their placements.

How to Find the Correct Bronzer?

Makeup artist showing correct bronzer placement

Before we dive into bronzer placement, it’s essential to assess your skin type. Dry-skin girls can go for liquid bronzer, giving a natural look and ensuring good absorption. Use a blender or brush to dab the product for that dewy finish.

Gel or cream-based bronzers also work for dry or normal skin, preventing patchiness. For oily skin, powder bronzers are the go-to, helping mattify makeup and providing control for blending. Powder bronzers are especially great for makeup beginners.

Picking the Right Bronzer Shade 

While the right foundation application gets its due attention, don’t underestimate the power of the perfect bronzer shade. The winter fade on your skin might tempt you with a darker hue, but beware the Oompa Loompa effect with the wrong one. Consider your undertone before choosing the right bronzer shade. Makeup Gurus emphasize matching the bronzer to your undertone family. If you’re cool-toned, go for pink or purple hues; for warmer tones, aim for yellow, orange, or warm red. Ensure the bronzer is at most two shades darker than your skin tone.

Bronzer Placement for a Wonderous Glow

Man applying the correct shade of bronzer

The golden rule for achieving that golden glow with bronzer is simple: apply it where sunlight naturally hits your face. Focus on three key points—cheekbones, temple and hairline, and jawline. 

Extend the radiance by adding bronzer to your collarbone and a dab on the bridge of your nose for that sun-kissed look. If you’re starting with a powder bronzer, here are the steps for placement and application in each area.

1. Cheekbones

  1. Grab a kabuki brush and pick some product from the bronzer palette.
  2. Tap off excess product and apply it along the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Extend it towards your ear, using gentle swirling motions for blending. Avoid back-and-forth movements to prevent uneven and streaky application.

2. Temple and Hairline

  1. For a natural look, use slightly less product than on your cheeks and extend the line from your ears to your side hairline.
  2. Using gentle circular motions, blend the product onto your temple without picking up more from the palette. Let it diffuse naturally across your skin.

3. Jawline

Aiming for a sculpted look? Apply a bit of bronzer on your jawline to create the illusion of a chiseled jawline. Use it as a contouring tool, but be mindful not to overdo it.

  1. Pick up some product on your brush and tap off the excess.
  2. In a sweeping motion, run it across your jawline from underneath your chin to about an inch from your ears.
  3. Buff the product lightly to ensure a natural diffusion without looking patchy on your skin.

4. Collarbone

Bronzer on the collarbone enhances its appearance and gives a natural glow to your face and chest.

  1. Trace your natural collarbones.
  2. Load some product on your kabuki brush and sweep it along the collarbone lines on both sides.
  3. Remember to buff and diffuse the hue so it doesn’t look unnatural.

Feeling adventurous? Apply a bit of bronzer on your eyelids for an all-bronzed look! For a natural makeup vibe, focus on the heaviest bronzer application on your cheekbones and go neutral on the rest of your face.

Quick Guide to Bronzing on Different Face Shapes

Showcasing contour and bronzer placement on various face shapes

Bronzer Placement on Oval Face

Bronzing an oval face is easy. Apply a dab of bronzer along the hairline, gently sweeping it on your cheeks. Add some on the bridge of your nose for a golden-hour Insta filter effect.

Bronzer Placement for Round Face

For round faces, aim to add length. With circular motions, go along the middle of your cheeks up to an inch from your ears. Blend to diffuse towards your jaw. Apply some on the sides of your temple to contour and define cheekbones.

Bronzer Placement for Heart-shaped Face

Contour to make the forehead appear narrower. Apply the bronzer along the hairline and top of your forehead. Add a bit on the bottom of your chin for a balanced look.

Bronzer Placement for Square Face

Add roundness by applying Bronzer in a curved line along your temples and the middle of your cheeks. Sweep the product in a “W” shape on both sides of your face.

Now armed with a workable bronzer knowledge — from choosing the right shade and formula to proper bronzer placement for various face shapes, nothing can stop you from achieving that summery sheen all season long. Happy Bronzing!


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