Black Women Designers To Look Out For In 2024


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Black women in fashion in all its facets are often unsung. These are the women who are creating trends and pieces that go viral yet, within the industry at times they are hardly highlighted or celebrated. When we think of the history that Black women have created in fashion creators like Ann Lowe and Zelda Wynn Valdes toiled away while creating impactful work. They also managed to keep their designs at the highest quality level, by doing so, they became legends. Currently, some of the established Black women designers have made a name for themselves due to similar sentiments associated with names of the past. For instance, Grace Wales Bonner and Martine Rose have ushered in a new era through their dedication to building distinct brands. 

When thinking of Black women designers our minds go to the hard work it takes to garner a team and develop a brand voice, all while creating clothing that resonates with a core fanbase. Despite the difficulty of running a brand, Bonner, Rose and their peers are succeeding with flying colors. Think of Nigerian-Brazilian designer Torishéju Dumi who debuted during Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023. In the wake of this defining moment, Dumi worked with Black women like stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson to execute her vision for her first presentation. Dumi had a buzzy first show and Paloma Elsesser, Naomi Campbell, and Alton Mason left an impression too as they supported her by modeling in the special presentation. 

These creators are making strides in a space that is notoriously known for being unwelcoming to outsiders and those who are marginalized. A Black woman designer’s hustle never stops and we’re here to highlight them. 

If you’re looking for brands to support this year, make it a Black woman-owned brand. Keep scrolling to see the names to keep up with in 2024. 

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