Adidas And Bumble Partner To Help Women Find Their Ideal Gym Buddy To Say Goodbye To Gymtimidation



If you’re anything like me, the gym can be intimidating. I’m not the only one who finds exercising in the gym daunting. According to adidas, gymtimidation is real – as they commissioned international research conducted by Focal Data, surveying 4,868 18–25-year-olds interested in health and fitness across South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, UK, Germany, France, UAE, China, and the United States, and reports find that nearly one in three people have entirely avoided the gym because of intimidation. Now, the apparel company is teaming up with Bumble to tackle the barrier many women experience at the gym and build a more robust training community through the benefits of strength training with a partner. With new in-app features, the Bumble and Bumble BFF platforms will make it easier for users to find their ideal gym buddy – romantic or platonic – and face feelings of Gymtimidation together.

To break down additional barriers to exercise like improper apparel fit, adidas Training just dropped the new SS24 Strength Collection to support athletes in maintaining 2024 fitness goals. Informed by research and innovation, each piece is designed to aid performance and improve confidence and support through each move. The collection includes Dropset 2 footwear, the TLRD Impact Bra, and Optime Power Leggings.

Launching a new adidas interest badge on Bumble, Bumble For Friends mode, and Bumble For Friends app is now easier than ever to find a workout buddy, the expert-backed method to help boost performance, enjoyment, and participation. Coming together to offer a new adidas interest badge, which members can add to their profile to let potential matches see their interest in fitness, the collaboration is designed to create space for next-gen gym enthusiasts to connect and realize the research-backed benefits of training together.

“Everyday, people around the world come together on Bumble and Bumble For Friends to connect over shared interests and we know that physical and mental health are two of the most important. Teaming up with adidas Training for our new ‘Gym buddy’ interest badge helps encourage emotional support and empowerment as the foundation of a connection, whether it be romantic or platonic, to challenge the intimidation, or gymtimidation of showing up as you are,” says Olivia Yu, Bumble’s Global VP of Partnerships. 

Rooted in the belief that stronger communities build stronger individuals, this partnership marks the latest milestone in adidas Trainings’ commitment to facilitating greater participation and enjoyment in training for its community, alongside other longstanding collaborations with sports powerhouses such as Les Mills, with more to come for 2024.

To get closer to next-gen training attitudes, adidas commissioned international research to unearth the effects of intimidation in the gym, finding that nearly one in three have avoided the gym altogether. The driving factors include fear of being judged (almost one in five), needing more confidence in how machinery works (one in three), uncertainty on how to push to the next level (over a quarter), and no one to work out with (one in three). When looking at ways to combat these feelings, seven out of ten say a gym partner helps overcome discomfort and intimidation, with ten likely to be more motivated and half even going more often. By simply opening Bumble, Bumble For Friends mode, or Bumble For Friends app, members can add adidas’ “Gym buddy” interest badge to their profile to swiftly identify fellow members in search of a new workout buddy. Giving members the reins, they can then spark up the conversation to connect on their specific goals, from starting weight training for the first time to tackling the next pull-up PB. The gym buddy badge helps members explore the potential of a meet in real life to work towards workout goals together.

“Gymtimidation can put many people off training, and this means they miss out on all the mental and physical benefits that come with a regular exercise routine. A gym buddy can be a great way to overcome gymtimidation. Research tells us that this kind of social support improves our enjoyment of exercise, and when we enjoy something, we simply do more of it. Having someone you feel accountable to and who is alongside you in the gym means you work harder and train for longer. When you add to this the psychological safety that comes from having a shared goal and knowing that person is not just physically but also mentally on your side, your motivation gets boosted, and you can get the most out of your time in the gym,” says Dr. Josephine Perry a chartered sport and exercise psychologist. 

Understanding that over three-quarters have experienced clothing or footwear issues during body weight or weight exercises5, each piece in the adidas Training SS24 Strength Collection is made in part with recycled materials and is built to enable athletes to feel their strength. Featuring adidas material constructs such as AEROREADY technology, which uses sweat-wicking and absorbent materials to keep athletes feeling dry, and ADISTRONG technology, developed from athlete insights and body mapping studies, the high-performance drop includes: 

  • Dropset 2 footwear – Designed to bring stability and support to each move, featuring a low midsole for a grounded foundation, essential for maintaining proper form during power moves.  
  • TLRD Impact Bra – Built with layered silicone technology, designed to conform to the wearer’s body for fit and shape for all-day confidence. 
  • The Optime Power Leggings – Are built with layered silicone technology and crafted with a high-waistband and squat-proof material from adidas’ ADIMOVE, which strikes a balance between stretch and support for a sleek, next-to-skin feel.  

The adidas “Gym buddy” interest badge is available on Bumble, Bumble For Friends mode, and the Bumble For Friends app is available to download here: Bumble & Bumble For Friends

The SS24 Strength collection will be available via selected retail stores and online at  


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