A Night At Brooklyn Museum With Asake



Appearing first at the V&A Museum, the beautifully curated Africa Fashion exhibit has found a new home at the Brooklyn Museum. The experience came to life in collaboration with Instagram for a culture-filled night with lively activations, well-dressed visitors, and music.

Stepping into the exhibit, attendees were directed to the right, where a stunning array of emerging African artisans and designers’ work was on display, curated by Alara Lagos. One of the brands featured was Luar. Instagram also chose to tap Nigerian singer Asake to host the event as he uses his social media account to help cultivate and connect with his community. 

“As an artist, my music has always been deeply intertwined and connected to my culture and being able to express myself through fashion,” Asake shared. “It’s an incredible feeling to be able to bridge these worlds and share them with my fans. This unique pop-up experience at the Brooklyn Museum not only [sheds] light on the richness of Nigerian and African culture but also celebrates its fusion with the vibrant energy of Brooklyn where I am headlining my first show at the Barclays Center,” he added. 

Edvin Thompson of Theophilo and Raya Khaled, Asake’s stylist, hosted a styling workshop with budding fashion creatives to show how they develop their unique styles. Each stylist-model duo explained their style-up for the audience to showcase their talents and compete for the best look. 

Attendees even saw an exclusive preview of Asake’s newest collaboration with Wafflesncream, available for a limited time at the Brooklyn Museum and online. “I’m excited that the pop-up is also home to my first t-shirt collaboration with streetwear brand Wafflesncream,” Asake said.

“The design process was fun—I wanted the pieces to channel aspects of my personality, which I hope people will love,” he added.


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