A Closer Look At Jam + Rico’s New Claire’s Collaboration


Jam + Rico

Black-owned jewelry brand Jam + Rico has teamed up with Claire for its latest collaborative collection. This range echoes the first installation of Caribbean-inspired jewelry including pieces like 18k gold-plated necklaces, rings, earrings, and bangles. These pieces also drew inspiration from traditional African art and architecture with unique takes on functional jewelry. 

Founded by Lisette Scott in 2016, Jam + Rico’s approach to this collection was intention and intricacy. Vibrant colors and symbolism threaded through the pieces along with the global African inspirations which were weaved together seamlessly. The collection consists of 10 new additions to the first collection which arrived in August of last year.

Jam + Rico’s Second Claire’s Collaboration Has Launched

While the weather may be gloomy and cold at the moment, you can feel the essence of the Caribbean through this new line. Some pieces are reminiscent of the shapes of palm trees while others have a playful elegance like a pair of gold hoop earrings with a zig-zig clasp detail and bangles with the same zig-zag aspect. Other standout pieces include gold-plated rings with tiny faux diamonds adorning them and rings with black panels in between the gold. A pair of earrings that match the black-paneled rings are featured as well as an elegant, simple gold-plated collar necklace that sits on the neck beautifully.

Jam + Rico’s Second Claire’s Collaboration Has Launched
Jam + Rico

“The collection is a reminder of the importance of cultural exchange, fostering connections, and appreciating the unique stories embedded in art and design,” Scott shared in a statement. “We hope that, as you explore the Claire’s and Jam+Rico collection, you’ll not only discover stylish accessories but also connect with the profound narratives and inspirations that make each piece special.”

The new Jam + Rico collection is available now on claires.com


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