7 Monroe Is A New Luxury Shoe Brand To Keep On Your Radar


7 Monroe

7 Monroe, a new shoe brand has officially launched. Founded by Antoinette Jean, a former fashion professional, the line is offering luxury footwear at an affordable price point. 7 Monroe’s ethos surrounds and honors the diverse journey of every woman’s odyssey. Jean’s brand is Italian-made and based in Washington D.C., but another source of her inspiration stems from New York City. 

The founder’s journey to building her brand was not a linear one. She actually wanted to explore apparel design prior to her latest launch but realized quickly that she had more to say when it came to footwear. 

“I’ve always had this pull towards shoes. They’re a silent introduction to who you are or who you aspire to be, [and] where you’re headed,” she shared. “I felt this connection [to footwear]. And I wanted to contribute to that moment when someone looks down at their feet and instantly sees a woman who’s self-assured, adventurous, and sexy.,” Jean adds.

7 Monroe Launches A New Kind Of Luxury Shoe
7 Monroe

During the pandemic, Jean found herself splurging on shoes she wasn’t able to afford as a child with even styles going back to 2012. She managed to buy every shoe on her wishlist growing up but there was still one shoe missing, so she had to create it. That’s how her brainchild 7 Monroe was conceived and she was able to utilize her production and manufacturing background. 

“I knew that I wanted to explore creating high-quality products that could fit functionally into our day-to-day and still make a strong sartorial statement,” she tells ESSENCE.com. “The key to the brand for me is finding ways to infiltrate as many of our customers’ daily moments as possible because I know from living in a metropolitan city like New York that it’s necessary to have both stylish and functional products in our closets.”  

This new collection features shoes with tri-color pony hair and a goat leather base in honor of Jean’s diasporic cultural roots. These shoes are hand-crafted in Italy and offer to elevate the current state of “comfortable” dressing. These shoes are also versatile with its sturdy mini  heel and two different colorways: 

7 Monroe’s  “Trinity” collection is currently available on 7monroe.com


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