6 In 10 US Workers Are Jealous Of UPS Employees’ 6-Figure Salary Increase


Unionized delivery workers came to an agreement with UPS that resulted in raising annual pay for drivers’ that sits at around $170,000 within five years. Other workers across various industries have strong thoughts about this.

According to a new report from routing software company Circuit shows that nearly 6 in 10 Americans (57%) are envious of the UPS salary increase, with those in education (72%), manufacturing/engineering (67%), and professional services (61%) being the most envious.

The findings are from a survey of 1,003 Americans on their thoughts and feelings about the landmark UPS deal and the reactions ran the gamut.

Some of the key highlights focus on workers’ desire to secure something similar for themselves.

For instance, 57% of Americans were found be very envious of the UPS workers’ earning benefits jump, with those working in the education sector (72%) feeling the most envy.

This is unsurprising as the US teacher’s salary is about 43k according to 2023 data released by ZipRecruiter.

“Americans feel salary and benefits are the most important considerations when choosing where to work,” the Circuit report states. “It makes sense then that the impact of the UPS deal is rippling across industries, inspiring envy in Americans while motivating them to imagine new possibilities.”

It continues: “Some workers have already taken action to improve their pay, and it’s encouraging that over half got a raise when they asked for one. Others are considering a career change, possibly to the delivery industry. Clearly, the effects of the UPS deal stretch far beyond their trucks and could continue to do so for some time to come.”


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