5 Tips To Receive The Most Pleasurable Experience From Your Sex Toy



Ladies, you’ve purchased your sex toy, but now what? Although you’ve taken the first important step to satisfy yourself, you may not know how to use your device to gain ultimate pleasure, which is completely natural. However, we’ve enlisted the help of a reputable sex educator to guide you along this journey by sharing pro tips on how to make your sex toy work for you. Check out intimacy and sex expert Dr. Jacqueline Sherman’s tips below. 

Become A Voyeur: A voyeur is someone who gets pleasure and sexual excitement from secretly watching others engage in sex. Because this practice is considered taboo and can be quite risky, you can remix it to focus on your own sexual pleasure experience. All you need is an open mind, your favorite sex toy, and a mirror! Instead of closing your eyes to masturbate with your favorite toy, leave your eyes wide open. Use a mirror to intensify your sense of sight, and focus on appreciating the appearance of your body as you receive all the pleasure your toy has to offer you.

Try Edging: Edging is the practice of intentionally bringing yourself to the verge of orgasm to prolong your orgasmic experience. It will intensify your pleasure and climax. To begin, use your sex toy to stimulate the vulva and clitoris until you are feeling very aroused and close to orgasm. Next, pause the stimulation temporarily until the orgasmic feelings subside. Repeat the above process several times until you can reach a climax and release!

Masturbate Mindfully: Mindful or Meditative Masturbation is exploring your body and senses erotically while maintaining awareness of your body and emotions. It requires you to slow down and intentionally pay attention to your body. This practice is a great way to hone your sensuality and build your sexual wellness skills! During a mindful masturbation practice, you can use your favorite sex toy to build sexual stimulation. Next, focus on where you feel pleasure from your toy while being mindful of your sensuality. Pay attention to what your senses are communicating to you. For example, notice how your breathing and moaning sound, how the room smells, how your toy feels against your vulva, how you look while pleasing yourself, and how you taste. Consider all five senses (sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch).

Swap Traditional Porn for Audio Porn: It’s not uncommon for women to pull out their favorite sex toy and masturbate while enjoying visual porn. However, many women have never been introduced to sexual storytelling (aka erotic audio stories). When you take away the visual aspect of a pornographic experience, it forces your brain to get more sexually creative. These creative juices will increase your pleasure! You get to imagine whatever turns you on while you listen to a sexually stimulating storyline. This is the perfect opportunity to grab your favorite sex toy and take it for a ride (pun intended)!

Explore Partnered Masturbation: Solo sex with your favorite sex toy is a great way to experience pleasure, but if you and your partner are looking for novelty, you’ve got to try partnered masturbation (with sex toys). This practice involves you grabbing your favorite sex toy and planning a “masturbation date” with your partner (where you both plan to show up ready to explore erotically). You each will need a sex toy to practice this masturbation technique. While you receive pleasure from your toy, you get the pleasure of watching your partner erupt from their solo pleasure.


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