5 Spring Leggings Outfits That Are Equal Parts Chic and Comfortable


For a long time, leggings were overlooked. Deemed essential only for the gym or a green-juice runs, I remember writing articles on leggings six years ago and struggling to find chic outfits and images to populate my stories with. I blame it on some sort of collective ’90s fashion PTSD. Thankfully that’s all changed and leggings have since been given the stylish appreciation they deserve.

Not only do I think leggings look sleek—especially when in black or block colours—but they also come out on top in terms of comfort, which makes fashion people’s obsession with them all the more understandable. Why force yourself into tight-fitting jeans when a pair of stretch leggings gives you the same amount of outfit versatility. Now, with a surge of ’90s and Y2K trends coming to the fore, leggings have never been more relevant—and the latest slew of IG looks I’ve saved is a testament to that.