5 French-Girl Brown Outfits That Are Chic and Trend-Proof


Regardless of the time of year, if you ask me whom it is I look to for style inspiration, I would point you towards the French.

With the knack for chic dressing practically woven into their DNA, the French have mastered the art of fusing trend-led styling with timeless design—creating wearable, chic and classic outfits that never ebb out of style. Generalising I know but, in my personal experience, I’ve never met a French woman who can’t pull together a great ensemble. For this reason, whenever I start to catch wind of a new trend, I’ll always check in with my favourite French influencers and celebrities to see how they are working it into their wardrobe. 

This season I’ve spotted so many new trends creep up to universal popularity, and my favourite of all has to be the brown colour trend. For its earthy, natural hue, brown clothing can bring a grounded, wintery touch to an outfit—one that no other colour can achieve quite as well. Although it’s a trend, it’s also pretty timeless too, making it a wise investment if you want to treat yourself to something new but also want to still love wearing it in five years time.

So, with a fascination for French fashion and a growing interest in the brown colour trend, I’ve focused my attention towards the French, to see just how they’re styling the trending tone this season. Read on to see five French-girl brown outfits I bookmarked on my travels. 


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