5 Editor-Approved Trends That Are In For 2024


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Fashion can be elusive when it comes to ever-changing trends. As the new year has just arrived we’re noticing a shift already in the making for 2024. We’ve been paying close attention to the pieces and colors that are no longer trending in addition to what we’ll be adding to our wardrobes. Knowing what’s hot or not is helpful if you’re planning on refreshing and updating your wardrobe for 2024. Take statement ear cuffs for instance which were a subtle trend we noticed on the Fall/Winter 2023 runways like Rohk and Valentino. The appearance of cuffs could mean that basic hoops might need a break for now. Separately, sleek wool maxi coats are now a go-to option for colder months rather than their puffy long counterparts. While a puffer coat is sensible, a long maxi coat speaks to the elevated simplicity of this key outerwear selection. 

Vintage fashion has also become one of the biggest trends for 2024 as fast fashion’s negative effects on the planet and non-ethical work practices are being revealed to the public. Stylish vintage connoisseurs and environmentalists alike know the benefits of buying secondhand or from consignment shops. Buying gently worn fur pieces and even leather items such as coats and skirts is better than purchasing items that will last one season. Resale platforms like The RealReal and Vestiaire are becoming a normal part of shopping experiences online and in-person. The luxury resale platform Vestiaire has previously banned fast fashion pieces from being sold on the platform to address overconsumption. 

Ballet flats are still in this year with sky-high heels being run into the ground. As we wave goodbye to high heels more sensible and chic introductions are making their way in. There are styles like sheer, studded, or bedazzled ballet flats coming to the forefront to switch up the already classic silhouette. 

Red is the color of the season making numerous appearances on Fall/Winter 2023 runways like Tibi and Ferragamo. On the outs is the color gray. We’ve noticed in our closets we’re just not reaching for any gray pieces. You can wear red in a plethora of ways from red shiny Mary Janes, to knit chunky sweaters and accessories. 

When it comes to how to style yourself and what to buy, these are the trends that we are and aren’t prioritizing. Keep scrolling to stay in the know. 

In: Statement Earcuffs 

Out: Minimal Jewelry 

The 5 Trends That Will Immediately Elevate Your 2024 Wardrobe
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Since seeing the interesting and intricate statement ear cuffs on Fall/Winter 2023 runways from Rokh (shown above) to Valentino, and also Completedworks, we feel this trend is here to stay. From actual molds that can fit over the ear-to-ear climbers and cuffs in the shape of pins and abstract formations. These statement pieces can elevate an otherwise boring outfit with basics like a T-shirt and jeans. Add an ear cuff that makes someone do a double-take to spruce up your 2024 wardrobe. 

In: Maxi Wool Coats 

Out: Puffer Coats 

The 5 Trends That Will Immediately Elevate Your 2024 Wardrobe
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A wool maxi coat is all you need coming into winter in 2024. While the puffer coat can come in handy in a considerably cold climate, trading it in for a sleek, elegant maxi wool coat is the way to go. On runways like Tory Burch, Tibi, and more, a wool maxi coat proved to be the trend of the season. It’s a classic addition to your wardrobe and pairs well with just about anything from jeans to trousers, a blouse or T-shirt, or even a silk slip dress. 

In: Vintage Fashion

Out: Fast Fashion

The 5 Trends That Will Immediately Elevate Your 2024 Wardrobe
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Vintage fashion is on the rise with shopping from second-hand luxury platforms like The RealReal and Vestiaire. Even a more accessible price point platform like Depop has luxury second-hand that you can send offers on. These sites are making it popular more than ever to shop vintage and avoid fast fashion. While this is about trends, fast fashion’s cycling of trends touches on microtrends that cycle out quickly in a matter of just a few months. This makes producing more clothing and consumerism a harder thing to fight. Now the vintage resale platform Vestiaire is fighting the overconsumption problem that fashion has by banning fast fashion brands from being sold on the platform.  

In: Ballet Flats

Out: Sky High Heels

The 5 Trends That Will Immediately Elevate Your 2024 Wardrobe
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Ballet flats in all of its glorious iterations are still in. Ballet flats with bedazzling, studs, and even those that are made from breathable sheer mesh are on the rise while its exact opposite, the sky high heel, is finally taking a seat. We’re well over high heels and the discomfort they can cause. Ballet flats had quite a moment in 2023 on runways like Sandy Liang, Miu Miu and The Row and we’re glad to continue to see them take over. You can style them up or down with a business casual look of jeans and a button-down or with a smart, minimal dress. 

In: Red 

Out: Gray

The 5 Trends That Will Immediately Elevate Your 2024 Wardrobe
Victor Virgile/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

The fiery red trend is still going strong in 2024 as the color rose in popularity on runways from Tibi, Ferragamo, and Valentino. Gray looks like it’s had its past moment and won’t be joining us into 2024. While it can be translated as chic and minimal, its counterpart red is taking its place and solidifying that minimalism can have hints of maximalist touches. The red trend, especially as we’re in winter, can be worn in chunky knit sweaters, scarves over a leather jacket or wool coat, and in socks or tights for a pop of color. 


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