5 Beauty Tips For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails


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From biweekly appointments at the nail salon, to at-home supplements for nail growth, fingernail maintenance is more than just a beauty treatment, it’s a symbol of Black beauty. 

Strong and well-maintained nails within the Black community carry cultural significance for men and women. Among men, proper nail care might entail maintaining clean and trimmed fingernails, occasionally opting for a clear coat manicure. On the other hand, for women, nurturing nails is frequently a cherished tradition encompassing everything from fill-ins to the use of Biotin and other meticulous care practices.

Read on for 5 Essence Beauty tips to grow longer, stronger, healthier nails.


5 Beauty Tips For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails

Biotin is a supplement highly recommended for hair and nail growth. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), self-reported Biotin use has increased among women and older adults for added hair and nail length, strength, and health. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7, is a nutrient present in foods such as eggs, milk, and bananas. It is believed to contribute to the enhancement of nail health. Insufficient biotin levels may lead to effects like brittle nails and thinning hair.


5 Beauty Tips For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails

Manicures and pedicures are a biweekly, or monthly, beauty ritual. According to CND Co-Founder Jan Arnold, her beauty tip for healthy nails is regular manicures. The secret to healthy nails are maintaining the three C’s: care, condition, and coated, she says. Care, meaning frequent nail salon appointments; condition, like cuticle oils, gels, and creams; and coated, like strengthening nail polish. 

Keratin Treatments

5 Beauty Tips For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails

Keratin, a protein to build your nails, hair, and skin, can be used as a daily treatment. As a nail hardener, Keratin can improve nail peeling, white spots, and chipping. You can take oral Keratin supplements or apply as a topical nail treatment for daily use to improve the condition of your nails. Products like the CND Rescuerxx have clinically-proven results with 80 percent of noticed improvement within 1 week. 

Strengthening Polish

5 Beauty Tips For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails

Nail polish is more than just color. The OPI Natural Nail Strengthener promotes stronger nails under polish, or the Repair Mode Nail Repair Serum, a bond building nail serum, will improve your nails. When you schedule your next mani-pedi, request strengthening products under the polish for added benefit. These types of products are easy to use for nail biters, and can add shine as a bottom or top coat.

Cuticle oil

5 Beauty Tips For Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails

Cuticle oil increases the circulation around your nails, stimulating nail growth. The technique can be applied as an oil, gel, or cream, after the cosmetic benefit of cuticle cutting. Products like the OPI Pro Spa Nail and Cuticle Oil can improve the health and appearance of your nails. Rich, lightweight formulas with a fast-absorbing finish will not only reduce hangnails, but result in longer, stronger, healthier nails.


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