29 Shoes That Are Good For Travel From Nordstrom


I’m a big shoe person and honestly don’t have too many criteria when shopping for them. I just go with what I like, but travel shoes are a whole different story. With every single pair of shoes I add to my shopping cart, I ask myself if they’d be good for travel. It’s not always a dealbreaker if they’re not, but I am more inclined to order a pair of shoes if I can see myself packing them for a future trip (or wearing them to the airport).

My ideal travel shoe isn’t bulky or too heavy, it isn’t made of a material that could easily be damaged (sorry, satin and light-colored suede), and it’s a bit trendy. (I live in the South and work from home, so I like to pack my most trend-forward outfits when I travel.) With spring and summer travel season coming up, I took it upon myself to scroll through Nordstrom’s vast shoe inventory with these bullet points in mind. Scroll on to shop the travel-friendly fruits of my labor.


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