14 Things You Need For A Successful Galentine’s Day Gathering At Home



It’s almost time to host a fabulous Galentine’s Day celebration at your home; but there’s only one issue: you’re unsure where to start. From sleepovers, wine-downs, and game nights, there are plenty of celebration options to choose from, but finding the perfect items to bring it all to life may be daunting. Lucky enough for you, we have curated a go-to item checklist that’ll help you curate a beautiful Galentine’s Day party for your girls.

Wine: You’ll be sure to need an array of elegant wines to present to your girlfriends. From prosecco to Malbec, make sure you’ll have enough options to satisfy your guests. 

Wine glasses: Given that you’ll have wine at your soiree, you’ll need several statement wine glasses to adorn the wine. 

Cocktail ingredients: Not everyone likes wine, so it’s best to have options. Making cocktails may be a good activity to have at your party as well. Think of having an array of spirits from vodka to whiskey, chasers, and garnishes.

Finger foods: Finger foods are ideal to hold over hungry guests until the main entree is ready. Think of small, healthy bites to give to your girlfriends, like deviled eggs, crab-stuffed mushrooms, or chopped vegetables.

Blankets: If you’re having a sleepover or casual get-together, you’ll need a lot of blankets to keep your guests warm and comfortable.

Throw pillows: Throw pillows are ideal for guests to sit and lounge on. They can even double as a seat, depending on where you’re hosting your dinner or food options.

Flowers: I haven’t met a woman who doesn’t love flowers! Grab several bouquets of flowers to give to your guests as they enter your home or when they depart. It’s a thoughtful gesture.

Candles: Your home needs to smell good, especially if you’re having people over. Make sure you have some lovely candles on deck to impress your guests. 

Fun decorations: What’s a Galentine’s celebration without fun red, white, and pink decorations? Think of purchasing heart-shaped garlands, balloons, napkins, and banners, just to name a few.

Mocktails: Not everyone is a drinker, so it’s important to have special ingredients to make a fabulous mocktail for your gal pal.

Games: Consider incorporating board games into your party to keep the night exciting.

Polaroid camera: To capture special moments, purchase a Polaroid or instant camera. You’ll be able to cherish the memories offline.

Charcuterie board: Everyone loves a good charcuterie board. Design yours with artisan fruits, cheeses, jams, meats, and crackers. 

Dessert: You’ll definitely need an assortment of desserts! Think of heart-shaped cookies or a bundt cake just for your girls.


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