Vogue Adria March 2024 Nataša Vojnović


There’s always a cause for celebration whenever a new magazine hits the market, and Vogue Adria is the latest. Condé Nast first announced the new edition of Vogue (serving the Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia markets) back in June 2023 and the wait for the publication’s debut issue, after nine long months, is over.

Milan Djacic ultimately tapped Nataša Vojnović as Vogue Adria’s first cover star. Captured by photographer Filip Koludrović, the Bosnian Serb beauty who first made a splash within the world of modeling during the late 90s, poses in the Danube River across two collectable covers for the monumental issue dated March 2024. In cover one (below), Nataša splashes about in the chilly waters at dawn wearing an archival Lanvin dress from 2007 (with her photograph by Steven Meisel printed on the front). In the second limited edition cover (after the jump), a wing-wearing Vojnović poses in the nude and captured precisely at 5AM.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Really not a fan of Nataša’s expression on the first cover, but the second one is so sombre and beautiful. Perfectly reflecting the ‘New Dawn’ headline, it carries that feeling of misty morning coldness,” aracic approved.

“Looks great,” championed forum member mikel.

“It’s a yes from me! Very excited,” exclaimed Kimy Jo.

Oaklee91 raved: “I love the second fallen angel cover!”

Vogue Adria, however, ultimately left our forum members a divided bunch. “Great model, mediocre photography,” called out ah ah.

“Always wonderful to see a new magazine venture onto the market. These two covers, however, do absolutely zilch for me. Nothing – not even the fact Nataša Vojnović is Vogue Adria’s first cover star is selling me this,” ranted a disapproving vogue28.

“I don’t like either covers,” Bertrando3 chimed in. “I don’t see the Vogue spirit, I see some international version of Numéro or Bazaar . These aren’t awful, it’s just not what I would associate with Vogue!”

Vogue Adria March 2024 : Nataša Vojnović by Filip Koludrović

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