Tia Mowry Has A Message For People Who Keep Telling Her To Reunite With Her Ex-Husband: ‘Please Move On’


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Tia Mowry’s split from ex-husband Cory Hardrict has been a topic of conversation since she announced it in the fall of 2022. Her divorce was finalized this past April and she’s been keeping fans posted on the journey post-divorce to get back into dating. 

While navigating the ups and downs of it, Mowry, 45, decided to address people telling her she should reunite with Hardrict. She made it clear that that’s not happening and she has no regrets.

“A word from ME since narratives are being made without my consent. Hear it here and ONLY here,” she said in a caption underneath a photo of herself.

She continued, “Just because the dating life is complicated. Doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to something that no longer served me. That’s like implementing if I don’t book an audition or a part as an actor RIGHT AWAY I’m going to give up on my dreams.”

She concluded, “Please just stop. I ain’t that weak. Please move on because I have. Thank you NEXT.”

The star didn’t decide to check people out of nowhere. This seems to have come about after Mowry appeared on the Chris GQ Perry podcast to discuss how “tough and exhausting” dating has been so far. 

“People don’t court people anymore,” she said to Perry. “They have this mentality, right off the bat that there is someone else, there could be someone else.” The actress also added that she feels men see themselves as the prize as opposed to the reverse. 

These latest comments also come around a month after Mowry posted a since deleted TikTok in September captioned, “When an emotionally immature man thinks he can play you, but when he goes low you go lower.” The caption continued, “This is a joke (don’t play with me) 😂.”

Maybe the actress wasn’t joking because in another TikTok from that month, the Sister Sister actress wrote, “When anyone asks me about my dating life.” The Game actress then lip-synced, “It got worse. But I feel like it’s about to get worser. It got worse! It got worser!”

The caption for that particular post said, “Ghosting, and love bombing, and emotional unavailability, OH MY 😩, adding “Kidding, but not kidding 🥴.”

Mowry has spoken about dating over the past couple of months, especially on social media. In August, she admitted that she has never dated before and was apprehensive about it. 

The actress divorced Hardrict after 14 years of marriage and they share two children together in son Cree, 12, and daughter Cairo, 5. The former couple currently share joint custody of their children and have agreed not to introduce new partners to their kids until they’ve been dating those individuals for at least six months. 

Neither Mowry nor Hardrict revealed the reasons behind the breakup beyond growing apart or the relationship no longer serving them. It can’t be easy dating after 14 years of marriage, but we wish the actress the best. 


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