Sofia Coppola M Le Magazine du Monde December 30 2023


Since 1992, it has been common knowledge that Sofia Coppola is capable of delivering stellar magazine covers (when Steven Meisel first photographed Coppola for Vogue Italia). Since that time, we’ve witnessed the American film director and screenwriter take to the covers of Vogue Paris, The Gentlewoman, WSJ. Magazine, AnOther and W Magazine (to name a select few) with stellar results. M Le Magazine du Monde is Coppola’s latest cover conquest, to which she poses before the lens of photographer Ethan James Green. In the chic and timeless black and white cover portrait, stylist Sydney Rose Thomas selected a black tweed Chanel Jacket, a white t-shirt from Miu Miu and a pair of Levi’s for Sofia to wear, which adds to the charm and sense of understated elegance. We are OBSESSED.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Super boring and basic, but that’s kind of who she is. Love her Chanel jacket though,” voiced mepps.

“I love her but I wish it was more lively!” Lola701 wrote.

“I love how consistent Coppola’s style has been for the last 25-30 years. No matter who photographs her, the publication in which she appears, or the brands she’s wearing (Chanel on Chanel on Chanel these days, but it’s not always been the case), she always looks completely herself, and in command of her own image,” admired forum member KoV.

Vogue28 raved: “I think this is just delightful, love every single element to this whole cover shoot from the fact Sofia posed for Ethan James Green to the Chanel jacket and Levi’s jeans combo on the cover. The whole entire cover shoot is so elegant, tasteful and classy – Sofia Coppola personified, IMO. Vogue nowadays could never!”

Check out Sofia Coppola’s accompanying M Le Magazine du Monde‘s cover feature and join the conversation, here.


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