One Of The First Black Woman Owned AI-Powered Multicultural Marketing Agencies Has Officially Opened Its Virtual Doors


A Chroma Creators A.I Generated Image

A new Black women-owned marketing agency is leveling up the way brands reach their target audiences.

Chroma Creators™ , founded by Octavia Warren, is an Atlanta-based firm aimed at celebrating Black excellence, Black culture, and innovation using generative AI.

Per Warren, it is Atlanta’s first AI-enabled multicultural marketing agency, using MidJourney and ChatGPT to create assets and campaigns to for Black brands to reach t their fullest potential faster and more effectively than ever.

“After running my agency for over a decade, I’ve seen firsthand how businesses struggle to reach Black audiences in a way that feels genuine and authentic,” Warren said in a news release. “Sadly, mainstream marketing often misses the mark with our communities. It’s time for a change. We’re here to shake things up, ensuring Black voices are heard, respected, and celebrated.”

The firm offers services that includes A.I.-Enhanced Logo Design and Branding, Responsive Website Design, Custom AI Generated Imagery, and Targeted Multicultural Influencer Marketing.

Per recently released data from WebFX, more than 80% of marketers worldwide integrate some form of AI into their online marketing activities.

“I remember a time when you could not find a stock photo of a Black hand holding an iPhone,” Warren said in a news release. “Our A.I.-enhanced capabilities allow us to create custom imagery that transcends the limitations of traditional stock photography. This means that every aspect of our clients’ branding can reflect genuine, culturally rich narratives.”


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