Multidisciplinary Artist Morgan Ogryzek’s Emerging Brand Kabasia Merges Art With Fashion



Morgan Ogryzek is a multidisciplinary artist and designer who has etched her creative footprint in the world of fashion with her brand, Kabasia. With an avant-garde approach, Ogryzek’s designs encapsulate a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition, setting her brand apart in an industry constantly seeking fresh perspectives. Kabasia merges fashion and art seamlessly and the brand’s upcoming collection will be a signifier of the designer’s expressive inclinations which don’t just rely on clothing. This is the first time Morgan is showing for New York Fashion Week. She’s surprisingly calm as we connect over Zoom despite the chaotic world she’s entering on September 12 at Dumbo House.

“I think I’m a pretty organized person. I think the ideas are all coming together,” Morgan tells “I feel confident in the ideas themselves because they’re so personal. And I think that’s why I’m able to articulate them in a chill, calm fashion,” she adds. 

Morgan’s creative journey begins with a curiosity and deep love of artistry of all mediums. This amalgamation of influences is displayed in her brand’s designs, where every piece tells a story. Additionally, each collection features a narrative, reflecting her affinity for searching within her own life story by incorporating elements such as rich textiles and bright colors in an effortless and innovative way to show her audience. 

Designer Morgan Ogryzek Of Kabasia Democratizes Art With Her Designs

The pieces that Ogryzek creates have ranged from skirts made with dramatic draping that reflect her memories of large drapes from her childhood to pieces made with vibrant colors to be walking art pieces. She looks to artists like the late Jean Michel-Basquiat and also notes that music is a huge part of her creative process.  

The designer mentioned during our conversation that her brand’s ethos goes along the lines of approaching design in the same way a curator would approach a museum or a gallery exhibition where each art piece is really an artifact. She also says: “It’s [all about] unpacking something that it couldn’t do just by itself.” Each piece in the debut collection is a statement piece but together they cohesively tell a larger story.  

Kabasia is more than a fashion brand—it’s an embodiment of artistic expression. As it continues to evolve under Morgan’s vision, she also says that her dreams for the future would look like Kabasia growing and holding true to the ethos of art. More specifically, that would look like creating installations and works from artists of all disciplines.


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