Jennifer Hudson And Tisha Campbell’s Sons Just Turned 14 And 22 And We Don’t Know Where The Time Went


The boys are are growing up before our eyes.

As we always say, celebrity kids have a certain magic surrounding them that allows them to be a toddler one minute and then a pre-teen the next, all in the blink of an eye. That sure seems to be the case for Jennifer Hudson‘s son David Otunga Jr., who turned 14 this Leo season.

“Team Jhud can yal pls help me wish wish my kid DOJ a very happy 14th BIRTHDAY, today !” the EGOT winner wrote on Instagram to accompany a video of her singing “Happy Birthday” to the very tall teen. “Wow yal [sic] wow , I can not believe that I now have a 14 yr old !!!! God is so good !!!! Time to celebrate !!! #proudmom.”

It looks like David celebrated his birthday with a party, as his father, David Otunga Sr., shared a photo of them smiling together next to an ornate birthday cake.

She recently opened up about watching him grow up and their evolving relationship as the cover star for the latest issue of Real Simple.

“It used to be I’d hold your hand and take you to the park. Now it’s like, how do I mother you?” she said. “Figuring that out. And how do we exist in this new space?”

She also talked about the realities of raising a Black boy in today’s society, which isn’t easy in the least.

“My son goes to a predominantly white school, and he has giant hair, a whole afro. He loves to walk in there with the big old ‘fro and the pick in his hair. And I’m like, ‘Do you realize the statement you’re making? Know that just wearing your hair like that is a statement alone,” she said. “Being a mom of a Black son, you have to make him conscious of and aware of certain things—who he is within the world. And there’s so many layers he has to learn! But he’s at an age where he can fully understand it. And he’s so evolved beyond what I could ever imagine.”

Another evolved celebrity kid, who is not a kid anymore actually, is Tisha Campbell‘s son Xen Martin. He recently turned 22 and his mom celebrated with a sweet message on social media for him.

“You stole my heart the very first time I looked into your eyes. I can’t believe that was 22 years ago,” the actress wrote. “To witness the man you are amid the varied challenges you had to face leaves me in awe. I’m in awe of your kindness, your tenacity, your courage, your support, your protectiveness Xen you are the epitome of an amazing man and I love you so incredibly much. HAPPIEST of birthdays my baby.”

The star’s oldest child has been quite the inspiration. If you’ve followed his story, you know that he hasn’t let autism hold him back from living a full life, including getting accepted to his dream college, obtaining his driver’s license, working multiple jobs and, overall, living independently despite the odds.

“My baby wants to be an animal conservationist and he will be. He has stayed on the deans list and is holding down two jobs because he wants to be independent of a silver spoon He cares less about labels,” she said in 2020 when he got his acceptance letter for his school of choice. “Xen, mommy’s goal was to make you as independent of me as possible. I wanted you to be able to survive greatly without me. I never knew you would surpass my hopes for your future. You are amazing man. Mommy loves you with all my heart and soul. You and your brother are my everything. Thank you for choosing me as your vessel.”

Campbell also has son Ezekiel, 13, with both young men coming from her marriage to Duane Martin, which formally ended in 2020.

We’re so happy to see young David and Xen thriving! We still can’t get over the fact that they’re not little boys anymore but it’s certainly great to see them growing up so well. Kudos to their parents!


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