Inside Savannah James’ Self-Care Focused Beauty Suite And 6 Items You Can Purchase To Replicate It


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Savannah James is morphing from a basketball housewife into a self-care and beauty guru right before our eyes, and we’re here for the transformation. Not only has she killed the wife and mother game consistently for years, but she’s also beginning to emerge as her own entity on red carpets, award shows, and beyond. While she’s made clear being a mother of three comes first, it hasn’t stopped fans from being obsessed with the mystique of James as she continues to grow her Instagram quietly. James posts a mix of beauty, hair care, family, and self-care content on her Instagram feed, but what currently has us in a tizzy is her luxurious palatial bathroom housed within the expansive James estate in Los Angeles, inspiring us to level up our self-care routines. 

James has a lot of balls to juggle, as one can imagine a basketball wife and mother of three does, but that doesn’t stop her from baking self-care into her daily practice. In a recent interview with The Cut, she told journalist Slyvia Obell the following, “I practice self-care daily. I don’t think that you can get enough self-care. I can’t be anything to anyone if I’m not everything to myself. I prioritize that. I love an Epsom-salt bath. I don’t know why, but a form of therapy for me is going to get my nails done. I don’t have people come to the house. I want to leave, and I like to drive and listen to my playlists.” 

She continued, “I like to go get body scrubs and massages, and I love to sit in the sauna. I meditate usually when I’m in the sauna. I take breaks. I like to sometimes do staycations; I’ll just get a hotel in the city and spend the night. Or I take trips with my friends. It depends on which cup needs to be filled, if it’s a personal cup or a fun friend cup.”

She recently gave Allure an exclusive look inside her beauty space, complete with an expansive glass shower, pink velvet bench, and sunburst chandelier, adding a touch of glamour to the James abode. James recently revealed that she has a skin-care line in the works, but outside of the makeup and skin-care goodies she has stocked within her perfectly organized shelves, lies her “happy place,” which is her marble bathtub. “It is where I can go and let my mind clear,” she said to the outlet. James also revealed that she takes five to six baths a week. 

Another part of her self-care routine is affirmations. Within Allure’s video, we saw her affirmation mirror. She noted, “This is just for things to say to me daily. I am loved. I must be true to myself. I am strong. I am capable. Just things to keep me going throughout the day.” 

Her bathroom is a great example of how we should be diligent in carving out a slice of our own self-care within our homes. You can add several items below to your home to replicate her beauty suite. 

Vanity set: 

A vanity set is always a great addition to the bathroom, as you can have a separate space to style your hair or apply your makeup. Also, the extra lighting from the mirror doesn’t hurt.  


A fabulous chandelier immediately takes the space to the next level instantly! Check out this gorgeous option for inspiration. 

Pink velvet bench: 

We’re totally still into barbicore! A nice structured bench will help elevate your bathroom or beauty space and allow additional seating for your girlfriends. This affordable option will do

Inspirational art: 

There’s no better way to get inspired for the day than to glance at beautiful art. You can start with decorating your bathroom area with images of Black women luminaries such as Diana Ross

Accent chair: 

Add some flair to your bathroom with a distinctive accent chair. We recommend this one. 

Incorporating sconces into your space can easily add flair and funk to any corner of the room. Here’s a fun one to consider.


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