Advisry’s Technicolor Runway Show Reigned In The Brand’s Tenth Year In Success



In Chelsea, New York, Keith Herron’s brand Advisry debuted his “Season 10” Spring/Summer 2024 runway collection. It was a show that was reflective of the designer’s love of cinematography, hence the title “Technicolor.” It was an intentionally designed show with just 33 looks that were on the runway.

The runway show commenced with a series of black and white ensembles, transitioning seamlessly midway into a vibrant palette of pastels and bold hues. This transformation symbolically echoed the three-stage evolution of technicolor’s integration into the world of film. Herron also did a phenomenal job showcasing the different eras of film and his design range with high fashion pieces like a button down with an off-the-shoulder tweed jacket to streetwear looks such as a yellow and blue track jacket. More avant-garde looks glide towards the end of the show with three models wearing rounded gowns or tops in blue, baby pink, and vibrant yellow.

Advisry’s Technicolor Runway Show Reigned In The Brand’s Tenth Year Of Success 

This collection is closing an era for Herron as this will be the last collection with a numerical title. It’s a culmination of the designer and his brand’s formative years from a more mature perspective. Herron started the brand at just 14 years old and visually, you can see his immense growth in his visual storytelling. Although technicolor is not the initial introduction of color in films, it stands as the most innovative method of its implementation.

Advisry’s Technicolor Runway Show Reigned In The Brand’s Tenth Year Of Success 

“With the Technicolor collection, I want to share a color story that goes through the history of color processes in film that results in Technicolor, to symbolize the evolution of aesthetic technologies,” says Herron about his latest collection.”This color story will epitomize the growth of the brand itself, with this being the finale of the numbered seasons, from ‘Black and White’ to ‘Color.”

The switch from black and white to color was inspired by the original Wizard of Oz film in 1939. The character Dorothy stepped into the world of color from the world of Sepia seamlessly through the process of technicolor, the most popular usage of the filming technique. This collection embodied Herron’s and Advisry’s new trajectory into the fashion industry. The designer’s growth from Season 8 and Season 9 collections is evident when compared to his current work. His design codes are becoming more cohesive and consistent, championing Gen Z’s talents and ever-evolving point of view.


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