Accusations Of Parental ‘Gatekeeping,’ Cheating Arise In Jeezy And Jeannie Mai’s Divorce Proceedings


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What one hoped would be an amicable divorce proceeding between TV personality Jeannie Mai and rapper Jeezy seems to be going left. The estranged couple, who are in the middle of a divorce, both have new court filings accusing one another of wrongdoings. 

Jeezy filed a motion for a structured custody schedule to be set claiming Mai is “gatekeeping” their daughter Monaco, who is 1 years old. 

The court filing also stated, “The lack of consistency, continuity, and stability inherently associated with such a haphazard and fluid parenting time schedule is stressful to the child, and it has, as is unfortunately inevitable with all families in transition, created unnecessary tension and confusion regarding not only parenting time but also in regard to each parent’s role and rights when the child is in their respective custody.”

Initially, the former couple had an unofficial visitation schedule but the rapper claims it is no longer working. The court filing does, however, say that Jeezy doesn’t feel his ex is acting “maliciously” or  “with specific intent to harm his relationship with their child.”

The statement continued, “Mai’s interference with Jeezy’s relationship with the child, again, while not generated from or with malicious intent, is nevertheless, causing confusion and tension between the parties and is working to stifle the development of Jeezy’s relationship with the child. As such, it is necessary at this point to separate, structure and clearly define the parties’ temporary legal and physical custody rights and set a parenting time schedule consistent with the best interests of the child.” 

News broke about the couple getting divorced in September when Jeezy, also known as Jay Jenkins, filed on grounds that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” This came after just two years of marriage. 

At the time, neither came out to say the exact reason for their divorce despite both parties doing media runs and touching on the split. That said, hours after Jeezy’s recent filing for structured custody, Mai filed a counterclaim alluding to Jeezy being unfaithful and asking for “primary temporary and permanent physical custody” of their daughter until they can agree on a parenting plan. After acknowledging that they signed a prenup, Mai also asked that the court enforce part of the agreement that has to do with infidelity. 

 “The Court should enforce Paragraph 8 of the Prenuptial Agreement regarding infidelity which provides, in pertinent part, that in the event that either party engages in sexual relations, an emotional relationship, or is emotionally or sexually suggestive in communication with a third party via all forms of electronic communication, including but not limited to, texting, sexting, Facetiming, social media and/or Direct Messages, shall result in a significant financial penalty upon the adulterous party as specified in said Prenuptial Agreement,” the filing stated. 

This was a shocker for fans as Jeezy recently had a chat with Nia Long and during the interview claimed real men don’t cheat. 

The filing also stated that Mai reserves the right to amend the counterclaim to include grounds for divorce she didn’t want to mention in hopes that they could resolve matters privately. 

We have seen many celebrity divorces play out publicly and it’s never pleasant to watch. Here’s to hoping this family can resolve their issues privately and co-parent in peace. 


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