5 2024 Shoe Trends French Girls Wear on Repeat in 2024 and Beyond


If you’re a regular around these parts you’ll know that I’m vehemently championing the wardrobes of French women. French style has become aspirational for its anti-trend element and when studying the nuances of French women’s style, I’ve observed the timelessness when it comes to footwear. Like their apparel, there’s an unwavering element to certain styles, which although may come in and out of fashion, are staples in a French women’s arsenal. Take the Mary Jane flat. Its revival heavily inspired in 2023, however, the crossover strap iteration has been celebrated across France and championed for its feminine elements for decades.

The same sentiment applies to ballet flats. Miu Miu undeniably spearheaded the reimagined satin iteration, but ballet flats are known as the epitome of French style and are routinely paired with rigid denim for a dreamy juxtaposition. French women’s shoe preferences are ever so subtle but there’s a common theme — prioritising comfort and with a feminine lilt, by way of streamlined silhouettes. Aside from boots worn during the colder seasons, footwear airs on the side of flat. Most commonly worn heels are itty bitty with women preferring to wear minuscule kitten heels, gloved pumps with block heels or flat-surfaced espadrilles.


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